Year Of The Dog 2018: Feng Shui Forecast- 1-hour Live Video Conference

**YEAR OF THE DOG 2018: FENG SHUI FORECAST – 1 hour pre-recorded webcast**


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Chinese New Year is coming up on February 16, 2018
Feng Shui New Year (Spring Stand) is February 4, 2018

Enjoy this pre-recorded video with Feng Shui Master Simona Mainini, Dr. Arch. while she walk us thru the yearly Feng Shui and Astrology forecast for 2018, year of the Earth Dog. The Earth Dog of 2018 has completely different potential than 2017, or even 2016. Stable, level-headed Dog will slow down the pace and cool the fire of the past two years. Do not miss this opportunity to see what the new year has in store for you and how to make the best of it.
In this class you’ll learn:

– How to find prosperity, career achievement and romance for the year
– How to avoid delay, cancellations and accidents areas for the year
– Buildings that will experience financial troubles and health problems
– What animal signs are going to be luckier in 2018
– What animal signs can have challenges (and how to avoid them)
– Areas of your garden that shouldn’t be moved in this year

Attend this class and find out how you can make the best out of the New Year!

NOTE: The Login Link to access this streaming video will appear on your after-registration page and in an automated email confirming your registration. Look out for either or both. If this is your first time attending an event with us, you’ll be ask to download the screen sharing software when login in. Please answer “yes” when prompted.

Looking forward to sharing with you what to expect from 2018!!

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