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Dr. Mainini with her Godfather and Venerable Feng Shui Mentor during a visit to the Bailin Museum in Xian, China in 1999. In the background, the 'carved in stone', official Imperial edition of the I-Ching book that every ancient Chinese scholar had to study to seek admission as advisor with the Imperial court.
Dr. Mainini with her Godfather and Venerable Feng Shui Mentor during a visit to the Bailin Museum in Xian, China in 1999. In the background, the ‘carved in stone’, official Imperial edition of the I-Ching book that every ancient Chinese scholar had to study to seek admission as advisor with the Imperial court.

Thank you for your interest in the Feng Shui for Architecture—American Online Training Center. I created these Feng Shui training programs so individuals who were sincerely interested in learning the ancient principles, applications, and ethical business practices of Scientific Feng Shui would have a place to receive comprehensive, professional, and practical training in this field. I was once in this very same place in the beginning of my career when I was also seeking this same kind of information, and I know what it means to want to get the best training possible, which is what I now strive to give to my students.

Besides my over 20 years of experience working with Feng Shui, my strong background in both academics, Architecture and Interior Design has also helped me to shape these courses and the overall process of learning about Feng Shui into the easiest and most comprehensive way possible. I grew up in a family-owned Interior Design business in Italy and also worked there, studied at the Polytechnic of Milan, School of Architecture, and I have taught classes for over 15 years at UCLA Extension in Los Angeles, California in their Architecture and Interior Design Department.

I developed my interest in how natural laws affect buildings and people when I was studying physics in Architecture school. To me, it has always been a no-brainer that the affects of the Earth’s energy should be a fundamental part of both architects’ and designers’ professional training. Yet, to these days it is not part of the academical curriculum. But now you can learn it here.

When I got started in my studies, I realized that in addition to my enthusiasm for this discipline, I wanted to learn all I possibly could about this energy’s mechanics and how to apply it to the structure of buildings. My goal for doing this was to then offer the best possible services to my clients. And though I traveled extensively, it took me a long time to find Scientific Feng Shui specifically as a discipline dealing with this principle—but as soon as I did I instantly knew it was what I had been looking for all along. Before this discovery I had come across all the many Feng Shui variables that many of you are most likely coming across today, but none of them felt as genuine as Scientific Feng Shui.

Most of the materials passed on today as Feng Shui in theWestern world is often portrayed as magic, superstition, religion, or simply made-up instructions to follow by more or less well-meaning individuals.

In our Feng Shui Training Center, I seek to pass down to my students my decades-long personal experience in original, time-tested, authentic Classic Scientific Feng Shui as I was taught it, and as it was developed in the Chinese Imperial courts over hundreds of years of practicing it.

And after over 25 years of practicing Feng Shui myself, I also integrate in my teaching the personal experience that I have acquired in applying Feng Shui to the design, construction and renovation of various building typologies, with their variety in scope of project and construction methods.

We do not promote magic. We do not promote superstition. We do not promote any religion.  (That is between you and your maker, however you perceive that maker to be.)

In our Training Center, we just teach you how to be healthier, happier and more prosperous by working with the Laws of Nature – which incidentally are the same as the Laws of Physics.

Our materials are based on sound scientific principles like electromagnetism, thermodynamics, and binary mathematics. It is based on the laws of nature and statistics, and because it acknowledges the affects of multiple sources (such as the electromagnetism of the Sun, the magnetic field of the Earth, and both of their effects on human beings), it is a fascinating discipline to study, both for complexity and effectiveness.

Hence, our professional Scientific Feng Shui training courses are exceptional in quality. And because we truly care about our students and want our graduates to excel in their professions, we invest an exceptional amount of time with them during their training as well.

As mentioned, I have spent nearly 20 years learning and practicing Scientific Feng Shui and 10 years prior to that working in the fields of Interior Design and Architecture. Very early on in my life and career I recognized the important benefits that properly applied Scientific Feng Shui could have on the life of a building’s occupants and everybody else around them. I am skilled at what I do because of my commitment to studying, learning, and practicing the ancient principals I have learned over my lifetime of doing this.

From my extensive experience, I have discovered 2 things for sure: 1) Feng Shui for a residence produces healthier individuals, happier marriages, and better family relationships, and 2) Feng Shui for an office or a store produces overall success and higher incomes for businesses and the business owners have happier and more productive employees and work spaces.

Do you have the same passion for Feng Shui and the same sense of commitment and discipline in learning about it as I do? If so, our Feng Shui Training Center is for you. And if you are committed to following our path to learning Scientific Feng Shui (through our specific curriculum and courses), we are willing to support you at learning it until you have become the best you can possibly be at doing it.

And to be sure I can encourage and assist anyone with the desire and propensity of learning more about Scientific Feng Shui, I have formulated many different classes geared to all levels of interest—from beginning to Master level—to accommodate all types of students and allow them to pursue this knowledge at their own pace.

Have a look at our online programs, from basic to Mastery. We hope you will find this guide useful in planning your studies, and we look forward to having you amongst our valued students.

Best Wishes in Your Feng Shui Learning,

Simona F. Mainini, Dr. Arch. Feng Shui Master
Founder and Executive Director
Feng Shui for Architecture – American Online Training Center

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