Level 3 – Feng Shui Master Course 3 – Video Self-Study


6-Video Self-Study course.



This Feng Shui Master Certification Course 3 reviews, expands and updates Feng Shui theories and applications at a higher, more detailed, master-like level.

The Level 3 – Feng Shui Master Certification courses consist of 4 courses of 6-session each that focus on the practical application of Feng Shui at a more complex and detailed level. It follows and builds naturally on the principles and theory learned in the Level 1 – Feng Shui for Architecture and Interior Design Certification and the Level 2 – Professional Feng Shui Consultant Certification.

These master courses review, expand and update the interpretation of a consultation reading. These courses are designed to give the students a deeper understanding and ability to apply the complex aspects of Feng Shui that were previously learned as theory.

I am looking forward to share with you what I have found in my researches and observations.


Once you have completed the vision of all 6 video in this course, you can progress to the next Mastery Course.
Mastery Courses can be taken out of order and it is not mandatory progress from 1 to 4 like you did in the PC Program.

For any case study you’d like to discuss with Dr. Mainini, please refer to our Feng Shui Master Practicum.

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