Level 2: Professional Feng Shui Consultant Certification – Course 4 Live Webinar


6-Weeks Live Webinar Course.


PRE-REQUISITS: Feng Shui for Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape Certification Program, PFSC 1, PFSC 2, PFSC 3.


Welcome to the fourth course of our Professional Feng Shui Consultant Certification Program. This Live Webinar Course toward our Feng Shui Professional Consultant Certification meets once a week at the appointed date and time.

Classes are 3 hours and include Q&A on current case studies by students in the second part of each session.

The login link to the virtual classroom will be provided upon registration.

Students can attend PC Certification Program courses contemporaneously while also working towards their Certification in Feng Shui Mastery.  To present and discuss extensively their case studies with Dr. Mainini as part of the Mastery Program, students will need to enroll in the Feng Shui Mastery Program as well, and schedule one-to-one mentorship meetings directly with Dr. Mainini.


Beginning & Advanced Feng Shui for Designers & Architects

Feng Shui Professional Consultant Course 1, 2 & 3

Please note: each registration is individual and sharing links to the virtual classroom or any handout is prohibited . All material is copyrighted by Simona F. Mainini and all rights are reserved.

We are looking forward to have you studying with us!!

“One of the most outstanding programs that I have ever attended!!”  — J.R. , Interior Designer

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