Level 3 – Feng Shui Master Practicum


One-to-One Live Online Meeting of 2 hours.


One-on-One online mentorship meeting of 2-hour to address up to a maximum of 2 case studies per meeting.

Each Meeting is scheduled directly with Dr. Mainini at a mutually convenient time. Please email your case studies to Dr. Mainini at least 1 hour before your meeting. Recurrent meetings can be scheduled as well.

Each student will have an individual login link to his/hers meeting room. The link will be provided upon scheduling the first meeting and will remain the same for the entire lenght of the Mentorship.

Each meeting is to be purchased on this page prior to scheduling.


Note: Students can work on their Master Practicum Cases while attending their Feng Shui Mastery Courses or Professional Consultant Courses.  

We are looking forward to have you studying with us!!

I feel like my readings have greatly improved in the last couple of years. I think it’s a good idea to require students to read lots of buildings – mistakes and all – because I would not be at this point if I hadn’t read so many buildings. I am now quite confident that the readings I have done match the experience of the people who live in them. Especially for people who have lived in the house for many years.”
—T. B., Civil Engineer, Santa Cruz, CA

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