Level 1 – Feng Shui Certification: Intermediate Course 2 (of 3) – Live Webinar

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Saturday Mornings 10am-1pm Pacific
DTBA Summer 2024

This Live Webinar is taught by Dr. Mainini. It is the second step in our Feng Shui Certification Program Level 1. It is only offered as Live Webinar one time each year. The Early Registration discount is a limited time offer. Each Live class is recorded, and access to the video will be provided to the students for review during the week in between classes.



6-Weeks Live Webinar Course  

Saturday Mornings  DTBA Summer 2024  

10 am – 1pm PT
(1pm EST – 12noon Central – 7pm Greenwich UK)

In this 18-hour Feng Shui Certification Intermediate Course 2 students explore the applications of the Feng Shui Bagua as it relates to the buildings’ and the occupants’ birth energy. This course focuses on the use of compass in Interiors layout, furniture placements, colors and materials. Principles pertaining each room and occupant are addressed. Each student also practices on one case study of his/her choosing which is reviewed in class by Dr. Mainini. After completing Course 2, the student can advance to Course 3. Students who have completed all 3 Courses and the related assignments will receive our Certification of Completion.

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