Level 1 – Feng Shui Certificate for Architecture, Interior Design & Landscape

Our Level 1 – Feng Shui Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape Certificate Program is offered as Live Webinars or Video Self-Study.

The Beginning Course 1 of Level 1 is the starting point to earn this Certificate and it is the first of 3-course (Intermediate Course 2 and Advanced Course 3).

The Live Webinars (1-2-3) in this Program are only offered one time per year starting in mid-April. Class meets weekly at the appointed date and time, like a regular classroom.

The Video Self-Study Courses (1-2-3) are available 24/7 and can be reviewed at one’s pace and convenience. Each Video course includes a one-on-one video meeting with Dr. Mainini to answer a student’s individual question and review the assignments discussed during the course.

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