Upcoming Feng Shui Live Webinars

Dr. Mainini on occasion teaches shorter, one-session classes, workshops and presentations.

Short classes, workshops and presentations are different from the Certification Program Courses in that each one stands alone. They have no pre-requisites and can be taken in any order and at your own pace.

All our current Video classes have been taught as a Live Webinar class at one point, so if there is any particular topic you are interested in and no live webinar is scheduled at this time, we also invite you to browse our entire selection of video classes and workshops now.

Space in all our live webinars is limited so be sure to sign up early or join the mailing list if you want to hear about the next live webinar class coming up. All live webinars will be scheduled weeks in advance and notice will be e-mailed out to our newsletter readers.

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There are no courses scheduled in this category at this time.

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