Professional Feng Shui Consultant Certification

Feng Shui Certification Level 2

4 courses of 6-session each - 72-hours total

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Feng Shui Certification for Professional Consultants

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This certification was created by Dr. Mainini to assist students all over the world in becoming Professional Feng Shui Consultants. The material covered will help students to advance their  knowledge of Feng Shui to the next level. Elements of business practice and business ethics are addressed in the course material.

This certification is ideal for those seeking to develop a professional Feng Shui consultant business. Level 1 – Feng Shui for Architecture and Interior Design is a necessary prerequisite.  Students are also advised to be familiar with basic practices of design like reading a floor plan or making basic hand drawing modification to an existing plan.

Our Professional Feng Shui Consultant Certification includes a series of four instructional courses that can be taken in or out of sequence. Each course is composed of 6 sessions for a total of 24 video-sessions of about three hours each: 24 videos total, 72 total hours of class time.

Upon completion of all four of the courses in this certification, students will receive a Certificate as Professional Feng Shui Consultant. The certificate will be mailed via regular mail to the address provided during the registration process, unless otherwise specified.

These Feng Shui Online Certification Program in live webinar or video recordings are the most effective way to learn Feng Shui directly from the voice of the teacher. No need to bore though pages of material were you will not be able to get any clarification or ask any questions. These online classes are the real, ultimate Feng Shui learning experience.

Recipients of this Certificate are qualified to proceed to the next stage of their Feng Shui Master Certification.

Professional Consultant Certification is offered in two online formats:

Self-Study Video (4 Video Courses):

The Self-study video course curriculum is the same as the live webinars but they can be joined at any time and viewed at the pace of the student. The tuition for each self-study course includes a one-to-one live online meeting with Dr. Mainini: 4 total meetings, one for each course. These 1-hour meetings are invaluable to inquire about case studies and ask specific questions about the material in the course. Please email or call our office directly to schedule each meeting date and time. In preparation for each meeting, please submit the material you wish to discuss at least two hours before the meeting time. Case studies should be submitted in a Power Point or .pdf format; pages of the same case study collated together. Courses can be taken out of sequence, thou they are currently showned in the order of the recomanded sequence.

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Special Live Webinar Courses

On occasion, Dr. Mainini will offer the Professional Consultant Certification Courses as Live Webinars. These are special and rare occasions, and if you like live webinar classes, you should attend them when they become available.

Schedule of Live Webinar offering will be comunicated to graduates of Level 1 once the class dates are established. The login link is provided upon registration. Policy and procedure will be the same as those of the Level 1 courses.

Consulting for Architecture, Landscape and Interior Design

This certification course covers extensive Feng Shui material that will bring student’s understanding of the principles and application of Feng Shui to a professional level. However, our training is not a substitute for technical design training, as such is beyond the scope of these courses. Students who wish to consult at the highest level professionally for architectural projects, landscaping or interior design are advised to take background courses in those areas. Acquiring skills that are not covered in these Feng Shui Courses such as technical drafting, fundamentals of design, color theory, lighting design, and surface materials will reward students when they begin consulting professionally.

Level 1 – Feng Shui for Architecture and Interior Design

I feel quite fortunate to have found you as a teacher, for I first looked into Feng Shui about 15 years ago and have continued to do so on and off over the years. What I found out myself did not sit well with me as ‘authentic teachings,’ and so I went on with other things. But your approach is absolutely what I was looking for. Thank you for teaching this knowledge!
—S. O., Architect, N.Y.

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