Feng Shui Training Center for Architecture, Interior Design & Landscape

Welcome to the Feng Shui Training Center Online, the only Feng Shui School Online specializing in the application of Scientific Classical Feng Shui to Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape Design. Our school focuses primarily on the application of Scientific Feng Shui to these three aspects of design. All classes are taught by our founder and senior Master Simona F. Mainini, Dr. Arch.

Our Feng Shui Training Center is based on the traditional teaching model of passing information from Master to students in small classrooms format, hence enrollment in many of our courses is limited (first come first serve base). Particularly in our Certificate Programs, each student receives above average personal attention by the instructor designed to ensure his or hers proficiency by the end of the course. All courses are taught verbally with the assistance of power point presenations rich in information and illustrations.

These Feng Shui classes and courses in live webinars or video recordings are the most effective way to learn Feng Shui directly from the voice of the teacher. No need to bore though pages of material were you will not be able to get any clarification or ask any questions. These online classes are the real, ultimate Feng Shui learning experience.

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