Feng Shui Property Certification

Our Standard of Quality

All of our Feng Shui consultations now offer a quality Feng Shui Property Certification  upon request. The purpose of this certification service is to acknowledge the Feng Shui quality of a space or a project that we have consulted on, existing or under design, giving added value to the building for our client’s benefit as well as their tenants and buyers.

Feng Shui for Architecture’s Property Certification is now available for:

— Residential Buildings
— Commercial Buildings
— Real Estate Residential Properties
— Real Estate Commercial Properties
— Multi-Unit Buildings
— Multiple Building’s Projects

In addition to buildings evaluated by a Feng Shui for Architecture consultant, we also extend this Property Certification service to buildings previously evaluated by a different Feng Shui consultant, or one that has never been evaluated according to Feng Shui principals. During our evaluation process, if the building should result below your (or our) desired standards, we’ll advise you on how to enhance its Feng Shui and will issue our quality Feng Shui Property Certification after you have had time to do the improvements to the building.

Feng-Shui-Simona-Mainini-Real-Estate-Development.Id_296FENG SHUI PROPERTY CERTIFICATION: QUALITY STANDARDS

Our Feng Shui Property Certification is released after a Feng Shui consultation has been carried out and the Feng Shui recommendations we provided have been implemented. Certification is based on the conditions at the time the certificate is issued.

Feng_Shui-Property-CentificationOur Feng Shui Property Certification covers 3 Standards of Feng Shui Quality:

Gold Standard (80% quality or more)
Silver Standard (70% – 80% quality)
Bronze Standard (60% -70% quality)

Evaluations are based on inherit quality of the building and the accuracy in the applications of our recommendations and corrections. All of our standards are based on Scientific
Feng Shui criteria.

Each Standard is Based On:

Optimal Land Location and Positioning (asset)
Building’s Design Features (asset)
Inherit Quality of the Building (asset)
Quality of Feng Shui Improvements (asset)
Number and Effects of No-Fixable Problems (liability)

Feng Shui Property Certifications are issued only upon request. An additional fee will apply.

• The Property Certification will remain valid for 5 years from the date it is issued. It can then be renewed every 5 years by having a consultation update on the building’s current conditions, quality, and appearance. If a consultation update is not done, the certificate will expire by default.
• Any renovation, addition, or any kind of structural changes made to a property other than by our recommendations will cause our Property Certification to expire by default. In this case, a new Property Certification can be obtained after a follow-up consultation has been carried out on the building.

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