Feng Shui Practicum for Graduates

One-to-One Mentorship Experience

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Feng Shui practicumThis Feng Shui Practicum for Graduates is a special add-on, a one-on-one mentorship experience, available to our students who have completed at least the Level 1 Certification in Feng Shui for Architecture, Interior Design & Landscape.

These are mentorships, one-to-one hourly meetings with graduates of our programs who’d like additional mentorships when consulting for complex projects. The Feng Shui Practicum is open to graduates of any of our Certification Programs. Minimum Pre-requisite Level 1- Feng Shui for Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape.

The goal of the practicum session is to assist students dealing with complex consultations who need the assistance of a more experienced Master during a real consultation session with a client.

How it works:

  • The student forms a relationship with a potential client who would like a Feng Shui consultation.
  • Book the Feng Shui Practicum session with Dr. Mainini thru the link on this page.
  • Dr. Mainini will discuss with the student the best way to perform the consultation and address student’s questions.
  • Each session is unique (not part of a group/class).
  • Meetings are 1 hour in lenght and are purchased as needed.
  • Each meeting addresses 1 building max.
  • Complex projects (in size or scope) can be addressed in separate meetings, or longer meetings. In doubt, please email us a floor plan ahead of time so we can advise accordingly.


Schedule Your Practicum Session Here
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