Feng Shui Home Decorating

New You, New Home, New Look

A 6 part self-study video course

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It is time to update our homes to reflect our new self and create a supportive environment that can hold and support us in our next, exciting endeavors.

Our Feng Shui Home Decorating 6-Video Self-Study Course is a hands-on course geared to assist us in the planning & decorating our homes – room by room – to accommodate our own, unique lifestyle. The class contains practical tips to inspire you to get to work right away. You can go at your own pace: each video covers one room, so you can choose which one you want to start from and go from there.

beautiful,interior,powder,pink,chair,white,marble,table,with,golden,rim,flowers,in,golden,glass,vase,feng,shui,home,decoratingThis is a beginning level course, open to everyone without previous Feng Shui training or Design training.

In this 6-Video course we’ll address basics of house interior design and home decorating, one topic per week, to guide us to a complete makeover of our living spaces.

With every video, we’ll tackle a new room in terms of colors, layout, furniture, accessories, etc. Your house will look like completely new homes by the time the six videos are over.

Together, we’ll learn how:

  • Setting Our Vision For the Future
  • Planning, Designing & Decorating how to Achieve It
  • Step by Step the Many Layers of Each Room
  • How to Prepare Our Color Palettes  based on Feng Shui
  • How to Layout Our Furniture and Prioritize based on Feng Shui
  • Different Lighting for Different Rooms
  • Finishing Materials and Look
  • Creating the right flow of energy for your spaces based on Feng Shui

Join us now for this new course and extraordinary opportunity to change your space and transform your life!

To keep track of your progress thru the course, we suggest you take at least one picture (or more) of every room right now, before starting the course, so that you can compare it with the same room after the course is completed.

A Certificate of Completion of this course will be awarded to all registered participants who completed the class assignment.

NOTE: the links to access all video classes will appear on the confirmation email you’ll receive immediately after your registration and payment is completed. It’ll arrive in a matter of minutes. Please keep an eye on your inbox, and don’t forget to check your spam filter.

© 2021 Simona Mainini – All information enclosed in this class are subjected to international copyright by Simona Mainini, Dr. Arch.

“Thank you again for such a wonderful class series. I learned so much and am excited to implement what I have learned.”
– Payal P., Interior Designer, Chicago, IL

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