Feng Shui for the Office

Manifesting the Law of Attraction

3- Video Course

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Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn how to change your business space to increase creativity, productivity, and create ultimate success.

Hme,office,large,design, bookshelf, lamp, large,windows,Feng shui,for,the,office Dr. Simona Mainini is a Feng Shui Master who has worked for almost 25 years with small, medium, and large sized business facilities. She has very comprehensive ideas of how Feng Shui can make or break your business success. From home offices to retail businesses, from corporate facilities to manufacturing plants, and restaurants to production and technology companies, Dr. Mainini’s expertise and experience have helped all of them correct their big Feng Shui problems and paved the Feng Shui road to success.

In this 3-video Feng Shui course you’ll learn:

  • How to position your desk to have more power
    • How to choose the right desk for you
    • How to set up your office to maximize productivity
    • How Feng Shui specifically applies to your business success
    • What colors are most suited for your energy
    • What area to activate for attracting more costumers
    • How to increase the abundance and prosperity energy
    • How to choose a new business space to buy or rent
    • How to know if you have Feng Shui problems vs. business problems

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