Feng Shui For Money

Manifesting Law of Attraction

90 min. Video Class

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Feng Shui for Money is part of our Manifesting the Law of Attraction series, which includes several titles on how to use multiple Scientific Feng Shui techniques to increase the Qi of your homes, offices and business to attract and manifest your life in line with your needs and desires.
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FENG SHUI FOR MONEY: Manifesting the Law of Attraction
90 min. Video Class

pebble,engraved,with,chinese,character,for,prosperity,and,word,prosperity,in,english,feng,shui,for,moneyLearn how to increase your money luck using easy and proven Feng Shui techniques. This is the unabridged video recording of the previously held live webinar class.
These are techniques developed by Dr. Mainini and proven particularly effective in her experience working with clients for nearly 25 years.

Titles in this series:

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