Feng Shui For Love & Relationships

Manifesting The Law Of Attraction Series

90 mi. Video Class

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Feng Shui for Love & Relationships is part of our Manifesting the Law of Attraction series, which includes several titles on how to use multiple Scientific Feng Shui techniques to increase the Qi of your homes, offices and business to attract and manifest your life in line with your needs and desires.

90 mi. Video Class

Loving,couple,embracing,at,sunset,Feng,Shui,for,Love,and,RelationshipEnjoy this basic Feng Shui class on easy and proven Feng Shui techniques to help you create a new personal relationship or re-awakening an existing one.
Dr. Mainini has selected techniques from the Xuan Kong, Eight Mansions, Chinese Astrology, Five Elements and Eight Trigrams to specifically help you in manifesting your visions. We address bothe techniques for men and for women.

Other titles in this series:

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“Hi Dr. Mainini, I really enjoyed the Feng shui class on romance.  immediately went out and got my flowers in the right section of my house. And it has been crazy …. I even had to take the flowers down for a week because it was too much. I will keep you posted!!!”
– Danica F., Los Angeles

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