Feng Shui for Architects and Designers

Our Professional Feng Shui for Architects and Designers Certification Programs will help you address your client’s needs, as well as teach you how to integrate the principles in your own living and working environments.

After teaching over 5,000 students at UCLA Extension and at multiple Feng Shui Conferences all over the world for the past 15 years, Dr. Simona Mainini has decided to take her in-depth knowledge of Feng Shui to the next level and create this Feng Shui Certification Program for other motivated professionals like herself, and to help them succeed in following their passion about Feng Shui.

Attendees will benefit from Dr. Mainini’s almost 20 years of skills and knowledge acquired from working full-time herself as a successful, international Feng Shui professional. Her goal for her students is to gain Professional Mastery in Feng Shui.

Why attend our programs?

If you are a designer or an architect interested in incorporating this ancient wisdom into your design services then our programs is for you. After completion you can offer your clients more benefits than ever! Our professional courses are also meant for the builder, developer, real estate professional, and building manager who are interested in successful and fast moving sales. Feng Shui enthusiasts who are just starting out in their new career as a Feng Shui consultant can help better people’s lives. Do you match any of these descriptions? Then you have found the Holy Grail program of Feng Shui expertise!

No previous knowledge of Feng Shui is needed. However, a basic understanding of design procedures and drawing skills are preferred, either manual or by a computer, as you will be working on practical assignments which include both design and floor plans.

Benefits of our programs

For you as design professional, our courses are a great investment in expanding the range of services you can offer to your clients as you integrate Feng Shui into your work, from structural and cosmetic renovations, to new projects, or move-in fittings.

As a student of our Advanced Feng Shui Certificate Program and Mastery Programs you will also qualify to attend monthly case studies review meetings where you will continue to work under the supervision of Dr. Mainini. Monthly meetings are only available to students enrolled in our professional programs. As student, you also will qualify for one-on-one mentorship with Dr. Simona Mainini herself should you ever need assistance when working on a particularly large project.

Each of our Feng Shui Certification Programs include a a Certificate of Completion upon completing all requirements of each course. In addition, as the course progresses you will also gain a level of confidence to be able to speak and understand the Scientific Feng Shui terminology and be able to address your client’s Feng Shui questions and requests professionally.

In the course of the trainings Dr. Mainini will share some of her past case studies with you. You will also work with Dr. Mainini on current case studies you chose so you will see the results immediately in your own life as the class progresses. This is designed to give you confidence in the application of the information so that you will be able to start applying the principles immediately with your own clients.

Dr. Mainini will share with you all she has learned in over 20 years of professional Feng Shui consulting, studying, and comparing notes with her own personal teacher as well as her network of Feng Shui Master Colleagues the world over. And from her over 15 years of teaching at the Department of Architecture & Interior Design of UCLA Extension (as well as addressing members of international trade organizations and Feng Shui conferences), Dr. Mainini will offer her extensive knowledge and experience to all designers, architects, project managers, engineers, and other design business professionals to help them and their clients thrive in beautifully designed, professionally Feng Shui-ed homes and businesses.

Can you still attend if you are not a design professional? Yes you can.

Though our classes were originally designed for architects and designers, we have noticed that there is a widespread interest in this discipline by other professionals. If you are a Feng Shui enthusiast, and you would like to learn more about Feng Shui or perhaps become a Feng Shui consultant, you are welcome to join our classes.

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