Feng Shui Colors

Based on Feng Shui Five Elements

90 Min. Video Class

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Enjoy this presentation about one of the most misunderstood Feng Shui techniques: the Five Elements Theory and how to use it to find your Feng Shui Colors.

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In thsi video, you’ll learn:

– What are the Five Elements in Feng Shui
– Five Elements Productive Cycle
– Five Elements Destructive Cycle
– How to Correct a Destructive Cycle
– How People Relate to the Five Elements
– How Buildings Relate to the Five Elements
– How to Match People and Buildings using Five Elements
– How to Find Your Feng Shui Colors
– What Feng Shui Colors are Best for You
-What Feng Shui Element is Best for You

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We hope you’ll enjoy it and that will bring you lots of good luck!

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