Feng Shui Class In Los Angeles

In-person Feng Shui Class In Los Angeles

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Feng Shui Class in Los Angeles
10-days Intensive In-Person Certification Program

**This in-person program is offered upon request only.**
If you are representative for a group or organization interested in sponsoring this event for its members specifically, please contact us directly at 310 278 8869. The registration fee is based on number of attendees.

The curriculum of this Program is also available as Live Webinar Course  and Self Study Video Course


Thank you one more time for the wonderful experience!
Your course was amazing, and really did clear all those questions that I had after reading “Garden variety” books on Feng Shui. I loved how logically, with historical references, were you explaining a complex theory.– K.B., K.B. Design, ASID, Colorado

I loved Dr. Mainini’s  class at UCLA so much that I knew I needed to continue studying with her. The material covered in her curriculum is rather intense, and requires sharp focus and concentration. Being at home on my own computer turned out to be easy, relaxing, and interactive in a way that I couldn’t anticipate.  I’d highly recommend it to anyone. — R.C., R.C. Design, West Hollywood, CA

I am so glad that I signed up for your class. It is by far more comprehensive than I had even expected. It is perfect for my interior design profession. Thank you.—L.H.H., Interior Designer, Connecticut

For personalized Feng Shui Consultations for your house or business, find more information here.

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