Feng Shui For Architecture,
Interior Design & Landscape

Feng Shui Certification Level 1

4 courses of 6-session each - 72-hours total

Our Feng Shui Certification is designed specifically for designers and architects who want to offer Feng Shui Services to their clients. 

Certification is also useful for Feng Shui Enthusiasts who want to practice Feng Shui at a high level for themselves. The curriculum learned during this course allows students to begin practicing professionally.  No previous knowledge of Feng Shui is needed to start the Level 1 Certification Program. 

We offer Certification Level 1 in two online formats: Live Webinar and Self-Study Video.

Enjoy these courses from the comfort of your own home. No driving, no parking, no traffic, no extra travelling costs. These Feng Shui Online Certification Program in live webcasts or video recordings are the most effective way to learn Feng Shui directly from the voice of the teacher. No need to bore though pages of material were you will not be able to get any clarification or ask any questions. These online classes are the real, ultimate Feng Shui learning experience.


Live Webinar Course:

  • This class meets live online weekly with Dr. Mainini at the appointed date and time.
  • The 24 week certification is divided into 4 courses of 6-weeks each. (72 hours total)
    • Course levels: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced and Practicum.
    • Each course is registered for and payed for as you go.
    • Some students choose to take only Beginning 1, the first part of this certification, to get a very strong introduction to Feng Shui.
    • Students who have completed all 4 courses and the related assignments will receive our certification of completion.
  • During live sessions, students microphones are open and there is a direct interaction between students and teacher.
  • Register ahead for Early-Bird discounts.

Learn more about Beginning Course 1, the first part of the Certification for Feng Shui for Architecture, Interior Design & Landscape.

Register for Beginning Course 1 – Live Webinar

Video Self-Study Course:


  • The streaming-video program covers the same content as the Live Webinar Courses.
  • Video Self-Study and Live Webinar courses can be combined to complete this Feng Shui Certification.
  • The full course includes 24 pre-recorded videos taught by Dr. Mainini.
    •  All recordings are unabridged and students questions are included.
    • Self-study is divided into 4 parts: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced and Practicum with 6 videos each.
    • At the end of each part there will be a one-to-one session with Dr. Mainini.
  • The course can be viewed online 24/7 by students anywhere at their own pace and time convenience.
  • Check the registration page for seasonal discounts.

Learn more about Beginning Course 1, the first part of the Certification for Feng Shui for Architecture, Interior Design & Landscape.

Register for Beginning Course 1 – Self-Study Video

After all courses completion, students will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Feng Shui for Architecture Training Center.

In this 72 hour program you will learn how to:

  • Use Feng Shui principles (Traditional, Scientific Feng Shui)
  • Apply Feng Shui to design and architecture
  • Apply Feng Shui to Kitchen
  • Apply Feng Shui to Bedroom
  • Apply Feng Shui to every room
  • Identify colors and materials
  • Maximize building’s energy for each occupant’s energy
  • Correct bad energy
  • Enhance good energy
  • Improve relationships
  • Improve career and financial prosperity
  • Improve health and wellness
  • Prioritize applications for maximum effectiveness
  • Conduct a professional Feng Shui consultation
  • … And a lot more!

No previous knowledge of Feng Shui is needed. However, basic drawing skills are useful, either by hand or by a computer, as you will be working on a practical assignment.

Students who complete the certification will be qualified and prepared to go on to the next level of certification:  Professional Feng Shui Consultant. This level of certification will further prepare you to start a business as a professional Feng Shui Consultant.

Program Curriculum Topics

The following is a sample of the various themes and principles that will be covered throughout the 24 week program. Due to the non-linear nature of the material, topics will be reviewed multiple time during the length of the course. We will also discuss practical case studies to address the variety of the material.

• Review of the Basics
• Scientific Basis of Feng Shui
• Effects of Cosmos & the Solar System
• History of Feng Shui
• Yin/Yang
• Five Elements
• The Different Schools of Feng Shui
• Feng Shui in the Western World
• The Eight Trigrams
• Eight Trigrams Associations
• The Luo Shu – He Tu
• The Internal Environment
• The External Environment
• Yin/Yang Patterns in Buildings
• Yin/Yang Patterns in the Landscape
• Lo Pan Compass
• People Energy & Directions
• East West Theory
• Furniture Alignment
• Spring Stand
• Construction Timing
• World Effects
• Effects of Time on Building
• Charting the Construction Energy
• Charting the Yearly Energy
• Identification of Facing Direction
• How to Conduct a Successful Analysis
• Assessment of Feng Shui Problems
• Where and How to Correct Feng Shui Problems
• How to Tastefully Integrate Corrections with Design
• Feng Shui & Design
• Applying Feng Shui to Renovation
• Applying Feng Shui to New Construction
• Landscaping & Gardens
• Water Placements
• Using Color in Feng Shui on the Exteriors
• Using Colors in the Interiors
• Using Light for Feng Shui Purposes
• Effects of Surface Materials in Feng Shui
• Feng Shui in Residences
• Feng Shui in Offices
• Feng Shui in Business
• Feng Shui Landscapes
• Multiple Consultation Case Studies by Dr. Mainini
• Review of all Case Studies by Students in the Program
• Practicing Feng Shui Ethically

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Learn more about Beginning Course 1

Live Webinar

Self-Study Video

I want to say how much I love the Feng Shui for Architecture class. Your approach, which is much more professional and practical than most Feng Shui books I have read, suits me perfectly. I looked on my bookshelf after class the other night and noticed that I have 6 Feng Shui books, 8 books on Chinese Medicine and the 5 elements, and 3 books on Vastu. Finally, I feel very fortunate that I have found you as teacher!
—T. B., Civil Engineer, Santa Cruz, CA

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