Feng Shui Certification Level 1 - 2023

Intermediate Course 2 Live Webinar

Saturday Mornings, Summer 2024 - DTBA | 10 am – 1pm Pacific Time
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6-Weeks Live Webinar Course.

Saturday Mornings, Summer 2024 – DTBA

10 am – 1pm Pacific Time
(2-5pm EST | 1-4pm Central  | 8-11am Hawaii)

  • The Intermediate Course 2 consists of 18-hours of instruction plus individual study time and assignment completion.
  • Access links will be sent to students after registration.
  • Registration is open thru the first week of class (the playback link to the missing class will be provided upon registration).
  • Each session will be video recorded and available for playback during the week.
  • Pre-Requisites: Beginning Course 1.

Intermediate Course 2 is the next step in our Level 1 Feng Shui Certification Program.

The Intermediate Course 2 consists of 18-hours of instruction plus individual study time and assignment’s completion. We will meet every Saturday morning via Live Webinar. Each class is presented by Dr. Mainini in person. Student’s will be able to use their microphone to ask questions.

PRE-REQUISITE: This Intermediate Course is open to all students that have completed our Beginning Course 1 (6-Weeks Live Webinar).

In this 18-hours program you will learn about:

  • The Feng Shui 8-Triagrams (aka Bagua)
  • How the orientation of a building effects the energy of a house
  • How to distinguish sitting and facing of a building
  • How to conduct an accurate compass reading
  • How Date of Birth of a person effects the Feng Shui of a building
  • How our 8 personal directions effects our life (based on DoB)
  • How to match people and building
  • How to use people best directions
  • How to identify colors and materials for each person

Power point presentation and live notes by Dr. Mainini will be presented on each participant’s screen. Handouts will be provided for the length of the class. Connecting link to the virtual classroom will be provided upon registration.

Registrants unable to attend weekly sessions: Video recordings of the missed sessions will be available for playback during the week in between classes.

Additional material as needed from Dr. Mainini 25 years of experience in this field will be addressed as well, plus the discussion of her case studies and her suggestions when reviewing your own case studies.

Our “boutique” training program follows the teaching styles of the old days, when knowledge was presented directly from the Master Teacher to the students rather than via written material only. This Feng Shui Certification Program is the foundation course to access our Professional Feng Shui Consultant Certification Program and our Feng Shui Mastery Certification Program.

Registration Fee for this Intermediate Course Includes:

  • Attendance to all 6 sessions taught by Dr. Simona Mainini (in-person Live Webinar).
  • Handouts learning materials (will be made available on a class-by-class bases as needed).
  • Personalized Review of assigned case study during the course (reg. value $ 1,000)
  • Qualification to attend Course 3 (Advanced Course) of this Certification Program on Feng Shui for Architecture, Interior Design & Landscape.

Our Courses Online are the most effective way to learn Feng Shui directly from the voice of the teacher. No need to bore though pages of material where you will not be able to get any clarification or ask any questions. These 18-online classes are the real, ultimate Feng Shui learning experience.

NOTE: Once you have completed Intermediate Course 2, you’ll be able to continue on to Advanced Course 3.

A basic understanding of design procedures and drawing skills are preferred, either manual or by a computer, as you will be working on practical assignments which include both design and floor plans.

This course is also available as a video self-study Course, view the video self-study schedule here. The self-study courses can be joined at any time and completed on the time schedule of the students. The curriculum is the same for live webinar and self-study courses.

I loved Dr. Mainini’s live class so much that I knew I needed to continue studying with her. I was a bit hesitant because I’d never taken a class online. I’m happy to report that it was every bit as good as being there in person, in fact, even better, because there were fewer distractions. The material covered in her curriculum is rather intense, and requires sharp focus and concentration. Being at home on my own computer turned out to be easy, relaxing, and interactive in a way that I couldn’t anticipate.  I’d highly recommend it to anyone.”
–R.C., Interior Designer, Los Angeles, CA 

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