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In addition to my professional Feng Shui consulting and teaching practice, I have been studying Chinese Medicine for a while now. And as I delve more in depth into the many, many ways our food, air, and surrounding environment affects us, the more I understand the supreme importance that prevention plays in Chinese Medicine as well as in Feng Shui.

The intricacies of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (and Feng Shui) are exponentially complicated.

Maintaining overall good health is not just about healing from an illness; it is about maintaining a state of well-being strong enough to prevent illness from happening in the first place.

The meaning of illness—or poor health in this case—is not being able to manifest your full potential as a human being in health, relationship, career, and all other areas of life. This can be due to genetics, constitution, poor nutrition, or living an unhealthy lifestyle (the “businessman diet” included).

But this can also be due to having a poor living environment, such as a bedroom that does not promote good sleep, or having room layouts in your home that do not allow for enough air or natural sunlight to circulate throughout the building. This also includes a building that can have sun overexposure, mold, or humidity in it, or a work environment that is not designed around the needs of the employees and hence, does not support their productivity. And these are just a few of the most immediate, visible examples of a building’s poor Feng Shui that can be related to illnesses. There are many more that are hard to explain in a short article, but, once discovered in my consultation service and later corrected, have made a huge difference in the way people experience their living and working environments afterwards.

In traditional China doctors as well as Feng Shui Masters were asked to come around homes and businesses on a regular basis for prevention, not just when a problem arose. And while we can use Feng Shui to correct a problem—such as finding a new job after being let go from one, starting a new relationship after a breakup, assisting in healing us from a severe illness, or recovering from an unexpected loss of a large amount of money—wouldn’t it be much easier to prevent any of these things from happening in the first place? Would living a life without drama be so boring and uninteresting after all?

Through my consulting practice and case study reviews with my students I look every day at houses, offices, and businesses where people are experiencing all kind of challenges, and in some cases, they have been for a very long time if they have lived or worked in the same bad building for many years. I can’t help but wonder, what is the point of enduring all that pain?

Why would somebody voluntarily subject themselves, their families, or their employees to such levels of trouble when we have in our hands the possibility of smoothing out paths throughout life by correcting our buildings with Feng Shui to try and prevent these difficulties? Life is bound to bring challenges anyway, so why not at least smooth down some of the impacts of these challenges from their inception by applying Feng Shui to our buildings, whether we think we need it or not, as a preventive measure?

You may remember reading my newsletter two months ago when I published the email I received from Alex G. In it, Alex mentioned how he had moved into a new place, but in spite of having me over when he first moved in, he didn’t apply my recommendations to his new space right away. (I get it, moving is hard you want to be done with it ASAP.) However, after being let go from his job a few months later, and for the purpose of finding another job, I went back for a second visit and this time he applied every single thing I suggested right away. A few weeks after all the Feng Shui adjustments were in place, the company who had fired him began giving him “consultation” projects at a much higher rate he was being paid before, and eventually they hired him back with a full restoration of his salary and benefits.

This may not be the case for everybody, but it has happened most of the time to my clients after they applied my Feng Shui recommendations, and so by now I am more surprised if something positive doesn’t happen than when it does. By why “wait and see first” without doing the recommendations immediately? Do we love drama and difficulties so much we need to put ourselves through them when we could easily dodge them in the first place?

Certainly, like Alex, most of the people I consult with don’t think so anymore, and so do the students I teach in my Training Center. Now they know they can apply Feng Shui in their own lives immediately and when they do, the difference is so noticeable that they wonder why they didn’t do it in the first place. And they’ll never give up Feng Shui.

They often wonder just as I do, why doesn’t everyone have their homes and businesses Feng Shui-ed to make their lives easier by preventing instead of curing their problems?

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