2024 Year of the Dragon and the Nine Dragons

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2024-2043 FENG SHUI UPDATE: Year of the Dragon and the Nine Dragons

2024-DragonThe Forbidden City is also called the Purple Palace, where the Son of Heaven (The Emperor) used to carry forth the Heavenly Mandate to serve his countrymen.

The Nine Dragons, symbolically depicted with various colors in a bas-relief mural inside the Forbidden City, represent the Will of Heaven as it unfolds over time. It is the job of every Emperor to heed the Will of Heaven by knowing and following the lead of each Dragon as it rises when its time has come.

Every 20 years, there is a new Dragon in power. And 2024 is that time.

Enjoy this video presentation and learn how 2024 is going to lead us all in significant Feng Shui changes for the next 20 years.

In 2004 the world entered two-decades of technological changes, as well as societal and economic changes that moved the goal-posts of the world we had known until then. Now, as nature has it, it is time for the next change. Hence, 2024 will be a transition year, leading us into the world of the future. Forewarned is forearmed, right?
Do not miss this opportunity to see what this two-decade long change has in store for us.

This presentation includes practical tips for our lifestyle as well as for our home.

In this presentation we’ll learn:

– What are the Nine Dragons and how they relate to Feng Shui
– Wat direction will be stronger and those that will be weaker (and how to correct them)
– Buildings that will experience financial troubles and health problems from 2024-2043
– Buildings that will improve starting with 2024
– The new water’s best position between 2024-2043
– How the yearly stars will be affected between 2024-2043
– How personal trigrams will be affected between 2024-2043

Find out how to position ourself and our home to benefit from the next Feng Shui Dragon!

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