We train Designers, Architects and Feng Shui Enthusiasts to use the art and science of Classical Lineage Chinese Feng Shui to improve their lives and the lives of their clients. We also provide developers with opportunities to learn about Feng Shui requirements to successfully cater to a Feng Shui sensitive clientele.

Feng Shui for Life.
Feng Shui for Business.

Learn how to use Feng Shui for yourself.

Launch or grow your business as a Feng Shui consultant.

Incorporate Feng Shui into your design or architecture business.

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Our mission is to ensure that our students excel in their practice and professional application of Feng Shui.

These certification programs, classes and workshops teach you the scientific principles of original Feng Shui in a lineage of Chinese Masters tracing back over a thousand years. Based in the Laws of Nature and rich with technical and practical information these programs will help you lead a healthier, happier and more prosperous life.

"I created these Feng Shui training programs so individuals who were sincerely interested in learning the ancient principles, applications, and ethical business practices of Scientific Feng Shui would have a place to receive comprehensive, professional, and practical training in this field."
- Simona Mainini, Dr. Arch.

The Curriculum

The Feng Shui Training Center curriculum has two main branches:

  • The Certification Program offers extended study for those who want to become practitioners, consultants or Feng Shui Masters.
  • Classes & Workshops are shorter individual courses on specific topics for personal and professional use.

All curriculum is taught online via live video webinars or in pre-recorded self-study videos. The live webinars happen less frequently and need to be booked in advance. Self-study courses can be taken at your own pace at any time.

Feng Shui Certification

The Feng Shui Certification Program - Beginning to Master Level

The certification program is an extended course of study in three levels: Practitioner, Consultant and Master.  Each level of certification is divided into 3 or 4 parts of 6-weeks each to allow our students to study, practice and absorb the content effectively.

Level 1: Feng Shui for Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape.

This certification will give students the proficiency to become a Feng Shui practitioner or integrate Feng Shui into their professional design or architecture business.

Level 2: The Professional Feng Shui Consultant certification

For those who are enthusiastic about in-depth Feng Shui or who plan on starting their own Feng Shui business.

Level 3: Feng Shui Mastery Certificate

This is the highest level of certification and is for those who truly would like to master the science of Feng Shui. Includes a Mastery Practicum: Supervised case study work, one to one mentorship in the practical application of Feng Shui.


Classes & Workshops

Meet the Founder - Dr. Mainini

 "I seek to pass down to my students my decades-long personal experience in original, time-tested, authentic Scientific Feng Shui."

  • Doctor of Architecture - Polytechnic of Milan
  • 15 Years Classic Chinese Feng Shui Training
  • 20+ Years Feng Shui Master Teacher, UCLA Ex.
  • 25+ Years consulting Feng Shui in architectural design & development

Video: Feng Shui Q&A with Dr. Mainini

Simona Mainini is a Doctor in Architecture from the Polytechnic of Milan, Italy.  She received 15 years of Classic Chinese Feng Shui Master training with her Chinese godfather. For over 25 years she has worked on projects of all sizes from apartments to estates, corporate headquarters to hospitals, at all stages of design and development.  Dr. Mainini has been Feng Shui Master Teacher at the Department of Architecture and Interior Design of UCLA Ex. for over 20 years. She is often a guest speaker for interior and architecture trade organizations and corporate presentations. She founded the Feng Shui Training Center to help others use Feng Shui to increase wellness, abundance and success in their lives.

"I loved Dr. Mainini’s class at UCLA Ex. so much that I knew I needed to continue studying with her. The material covered in her curriculum is rather intense, and requires sharp focus and concentration. Being at home on my own computer turned out to be easy, relaxing, and interactive in a way that I couldn’t anticipate.  I’d highly recommend it to anyone."

— R.C., R.C. Design, West Hollywood, CA

"I am so glad that I signed up for your class. It is by far more comprehensive than I had even expected. It is perfect for my interior design profession. Thank you."

—L.H.H., Interior Designer, Connecticut

How do I get Started?

If you are looking for Professional Training or to use Feng Shui in your profession, start with Level 1 of our Certification Program.

For an introduction to Feng Shui take Level 1, Beginning Course 1 of the Certification Program or join an In-Depth Workshop.

Looking to learn about a specific topic or just getting started? Take a Short Class. Meditations & Yearly Forecasts are also available in the Short Class section.

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